Group Fitness= LOVE!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I know I did! I worked out both days and loved every single second of it. I loved how I felt during the hard parts and I loved how great I felt after I was done! Don’t you love work outs like that?

I finally got back to running this weekend, long hiatus to say the least. I motivated myself with some new Nike’s. Motivated is right, I ran 2 miles in 21 minutes! Maybe not the best for the veteran runner but I seriously have not ran in MONTHS! I was on cloud 9 for the entire day!


I teach group fitness, Pure Barre ( It rocks! I love the community that comes with teaching a female based workout. Yes, Pure Barre is very open to both sexes but is primarily female based. I also took 2 classes myself which were fantastic. They always announce when you are a teacher in class and boys does that makes you work extra hard! I was LTB (lift, tone, and burning) like a mad woman. If you have not checked out barre fitness, I highly suggest it…Pure Barre really gives your body an incredible workout!


Do you love group fitness? If so, what is your favorite?


Perfectly Pink Lipstick…

Oh how I want you, the perfect pink lipstick! Does it exist? I see so many lovely varieties of that pale pink lip. The perfect mixture of pink shades and neutral hues. I was on a hunt this weekend for it…

My first stop Sephora! I do love that shop, but I don’t love it on a Friday night. My first mistake. My second mistake, going in hoping to have someone wait on me. They are either right next to me during my entire visit or nowhere to be found. Can you guess which one it was? Ha ha.. they were all very nice just very busy!

My second stop, MAC. I did get 2 things here. I love them both but they are a little too pink. Does that make sense?

I ended up getting:

1. MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Dreaminess –this is a new lipstick formula. It does feel extra creamy. I like the color a lot! But it is just too pink! Thoughts!

2. MAC Lipglass in Angel-I LOVE this gloss. You can wear it alone for sheer pink or layer it on pretty much any color! LOVE!


Do you have the perfect combination for that perfect pale pink? Will you please share!?

May 14th is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

Did you know that May 14 is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day? It is kind of like my birthday AND Christmas all rolled into one! : ) Ohhhh how I love you flakly, delicious, scrumptious, buttery BUTTERMILK biscuit. There are so many biscuits that are my loves, but as a true Southern peach, there is nothing like a home made buttermilk biscuit! So many non-southern friends ask me what is my obsession with a biscuit? To which my eyes almost roll out of my head and I ask, completely exasperated, have you tried a buttermilk biscuit? Like, a true buttermilk biscuit? Many people say they have but they have not…but I just plain don’t believe them! You know why I know? Because they would never ask why I have an obsession with biscuits, namely the buttermilk kind. Ok, enough gushing. I decide today, since I had a ridiculous day of jam-packed clinic I would indulge in a buttermilk biscuit…and only one so it had to be oh-so-delish!

 Drum roll, Yardhouse!


It was so great! And, thank you for this picture, Yelp. I devoured my bisuit as soon as my greedy palms touched its buttery goodness! It needed not one single accompaniment…yes, its true, I ate it plain. I wanted to make sure that I tasted what makes it so special, that hint of buttermilk. It did leave me wanting to finish off the other 3. I would love to say I didn’t eat another one but I did! And, I do NOT even feel quilty. Well OK, maybe a little…sly smile as I put my running shoes on for a unplanned run!


What is your favorite national food day? 


Lunch, can we be best friends?

Who does not love a good lunch? I know I do! I have been working really hard to prepare my lunch and bring it with me to work. Unfortunately, I have been completely sucking at doing that.  I mean I have not done it in months. Disappointed with myself, but I am learning not to beat myself up about food. It is super counter-productive! So instead, I make sure to eat something yummy and healthy.  This is relatively easy to do since my boss is a healthy person too. Most days I either walk to Whole Foods, (how lucky am I?) or I get Panera or a super yummy chicken pita from Pita Plus. On a special occasion, we get take out sushi from Eddie Hills, yum! Sure it is not a biscuit with cheese but it makes for a good lunch.

All this positive yumminess of lunch examples makes me sad to share that my lunch was ho-hum at best. I went to Panera but was feeling a bit yucky (waited too long to eat) yucky. Go away eating disorder! So, I opted for a healthy salad. There is really no excuse for not liking my lunch. It was not Panera’s fault. It was my fault for waiting too long and then letting my food issues creep in. So I settled on a plain Caesar salad. I do have to say in my defense; their Caesar dressing is a bit off. Ok, Ok, I know! We have just met so you are not  that aware of  my sheer obsession with condiments. Any who, Caesar dressing should be peppery, and Parmesan-y, this was neither.

In short, what I learned is that I need to plan my meals better. At the very least bring a snack with work so I do not let my old habit’s rear there ugly head(s) and ruin my love of lunch!

What did you have for lunch? Do you enjoy it as much as breakfast and dinner?


Who am I?

Hi there! I thought it was about time that I join the many wonderful (wishful projection) of health and beauty bloggers. I love so many of these inspiriting ladies! After a little debating and a lot of brainstorming I came up with Beauty and Buttermilk. A Georgia peach’s guide to health and fitness.  I constantly struggle with my desire to be healthy and my love for all things deep fried and buttered. Yum.

My favorite parts of all blogs are the “about me” sections. So why not start out with 25 facts about me?

  1. I am proud to be a southern lady!
  2. I am the youngest, my sister is my best friend in the world
  3. I love dancing and wish I could learn pointe and perform it. Too late? (I am 29)
  4. I love spaghetti and I only wanted to eat that as a child.
  5. I love fruit. Like ALL fruit .
  6. I wish I could eat biscuits and honey for breakfast every single morning.
  7. I wish I could eat biscuits and cheese for lunch every single day.
  8. Chick-fil-a is my favorite fast food, does it really even count as fast food? : (
  9. I teach Pure Barre, a fitness class based on ballet, Pilates, and Yoga
  10. I have mounted a ballet barre in my room so I can practice more
  11. I like maynoaise based dressing way too much for my own good and my stomachs too.
  12. I wanted my name to be Jenny when I was little after my favorite preschool teacher
  13. I always wanted to wear my hair in a French braid as a child
  14. I had a Halloween costume for a southern belle and I would wear every single day when I got home from school until it fell apart.
  15. I wish I still had that damn costume!
  16. I dread working out 90% of the time but I LOVE the way I feel after and for the rest of the day/night/hour
  17. I am starting yoga this month and cannot wait
  18. I love to cook but never really want to do it recently (thanks for nothing Carrie Bradshaw!
  19. I love running and need to do it more!
  20. I want to join a super expensive gym but have decided to find a way to teach group fitness so I can get the membership for FREE! (post about this for sure!
  21. I hate cooked potatoes
  22. I love sweet potatoes.
  23. I love condiments in all forms
  24.  I want to get a juicer and start juicing…many blogs to come on this subject!
  25. I am really excited to start this blog!